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    Contact person:管理者       Data source:Planning Office       
    Organization Structure of District Office is as follows:
      1 Supervisor, 1 Chief Secretary; includes 7 Sections:
    Secretariat, Personnel Administrator,  Accounting Office , Social Affairs Section, Civil Affairs Section, Agriculture Section, Economic Development Section and offices of each village.
      Hotline: 886-7-6771340
    Section Affairs
    Supervisor  General management of district affairs
    Chief Secretary Assist in management of district affairs
    Secretariat General affairs, documentation, official seal, legal system, research information, research and evaluation, files etc.
    Civil Affairs Section Autonomy for local areas, land administration, funerals and interment, civil defence, aboriginal affairs, Hakka affairs, conciliation, temple management etc.
    Personnel Administrator Organization, staff appointments and discharges, benefits, errands or vacations and diligent or indolent, merit award or punishment, training, retirement and consolation, public insurance etc. 
    Accounting Office Revenue, budget, accountancy, statistics etc.
    Social Affairs Section Public welfare, public assistance, community development, , health insurance, national pension etc.
    Agriculture Section Paddy field diversion, prevention and cure for mudflow and landslides, certificate for agricultural use, agricultural investigation, prevention and cure for animals and vegetation etc.
    Economic Development Section Road and civil engineering, street light management, Building Violations Inspection & Reporting, business management etc.