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    shanlin logo
    Shanlin District is surrounded by seven mountains with seven administrative divisions under the area developing on an equal basis.
    The three loops symbolize the “彡” of the word “杉(Chinese fir)”, showing that the district will have sustainable development and remain harmonious and united in the future. Furthermore, it also implicates the democratic spirit of the government of the people, by the people and for the people, as well as the meaning of the convenient transportation established in the villages.
    A larger China fir in the center with the three loops form the word “杉 (Chinese fir)”, and two Chinese firs on both sides represent the word “林(Forest)”, which is the name of this District “杉林(pronounced as Shanlin)”. All three China firs are connected to the loops to symbolize prosperous development; where the connection between the three China firs represents the harmony and unity within, regardless of the Taiwanese or Hakka races and customs, everybody is united to strive and contribute in terms of the prosperous development of Shanlin District
    Green and white colors are applied to emphasize the exuberant green fields, while the bright and beautiful environment without pollution contains the simple folkways and the fresh air; as well as to exhibit that the chief of the district must have the goal of keeping clean, and being diligent in political affairs.