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Baishueicyuan Waterfall

    Baishueicyuan Waterfall  The historical monument of Baishueicyuan Waterfall was a result of manual excavation to guide the water from the mountain stream into Nanzihsian River, thus it is a contrived product. The flow varies according to the seasons to exhibit different scenery. There will only be water flowing to Nanzihsian River during the rainy season from May to October each year. As for the draught season from November to April, there will be no water flowing down the waterfall, resulting in the cavities appearing in the ground everywhere. The original mountain stream used to flow to the street of the present village and then towards the south, (a gravel layer exists below the present village and neighboring crop fields, proving that it used to be a riverbed), which often resulted in floods; therefore it was then excavated to where the present waterfall is in order to guide the water into Nanzihsian River.

      During the progress of excavation, there were also opposing voices from the local residents in terms of destructing the geomantic omen. The excavation progress was not smooth with frequent accidents occurring; in the end, they had to pray to the Land God, and sprinkle blood from black dogs and some filth on the site to successfully complete the excavation.